British Expats in the USA

Are you a British expat in the USA? Managing your financial affairs whilst living abroad is never an easy feat.

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We work hard to become your friendly and approachable, go-to financial planning team. We offer sensible, transparent advice and win our clients’ confidence with honest and knowledgeable guidance that works.

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At Harrison Brook USA, we specialise in providing tailored financial advice and solutions specifically designed for UK expats living in the United States.

Our Expertise

With years of experience assisting British expats, our team understands the unique financial considerations and challenges that you face while living abroad. Whether you’re looking to manage your investments or plan for retirement, our expert advisors are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions by British Expats in the USA

Can I transfer my UK pension to the US?

No, this is not possible to directly transfer your UK pension to the US. However they are ways to mitigate this and there are other pension solutions that you can use such as a SIPP or QROPS.

Can I access my UK pension while living in the US?

Yes, you can access your UK pension while living in the US. You will just need to understand the options and tax implications of withdrawing your pension whilst living in the US.

Can I invest in the US?

Yes, you can invest in the US as a British expat. The US investment market is rather different than the UK investment landscape with various tax implications as an expat. As such we would always recommend seeking guidance from SEC regulated financial advisers who understand your personal circumstances.

Can I continue managing my UK investments once in the US?

Yes, you can continue to manage your UK investments once in the US but again it is crucial to understand the implication of residing in the US in terms of potential taxes or exit fees.

Ways We Can Assist British Expats in the USA

Financial Planning

Our expat financial advisers will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your short and long-term goals. From budgeting and saving to investment strategy and retirement planning, we’ll help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a priority for many expats. Our retirement planning services will help you assess your current financial situation, set realistic retirement goals, and develop a strategy to achieve them, so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement wherever life takes you. If you already have pension plans held in the UK we can also assist you to transfer them into a consolidated retirement solution such as an International SIPP.

Investment Management

Investing in a foreign market can be daunting. Our investment management services are tailored to assist you in diversifying your portfolio and maximising returns, all while minimising risk, ensuring your investments thrive in pounds, dollars or euros depending on your choosing.

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  • "I found my personal private client adviser Ryan Frost to be very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend his services to others."

  • "Prompt reliable and expert help when needed.Transparent disclosure of all the costs involved. Friendly and efficient service I would highly recommend."

  • "Sound advice in difficult times. Acceptable prices when compared with alternatives. Regular contact and updates in clear understandable form."

  • "I would definitely recommend Harrison Brook to other people. My experience in working with our financial advisor was extremely positive. Speed of response and the level of attention to our needs and requests was great. Administration support was flawless."

  • "Excellent customer service all the way through, professional, proactive, patient in answering all my questions, immediate answer to emails, great follow up and communication, deep legal knowledge and legal experience in the field, all of which helped in having my pension transferred in a faster amount of time than normal. I’ve rarely received such swift and excellent customer service before. The whole complex pension transfer experience could have been heavy and stressful, but instead it was the whole opposite."

  • "It's a nerve-wracking thing to entrust your life savings to a person and company you have never met before. Ryan made the process easy. It was calm, I felt in control and was able to asks and get answers to all the questions I had. I am now all set up with my International SIPP and couldn't be happier."

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