Our Investment Philosophy

Harrison Brook USA’s investment philosophy is what differentiates us from others and how we can help you with your financial goals.

What we're about…

Keeping it simple

We cut through the complexity of managing finances overseas by avoiding jargon and obscure industry terms. Instead we prefer familiar, reassuring language, and simple financial planning solutions that make sense to everyone.

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What is our philosophy?

Expats, in particular US connected expats, have very limited options available to them. Here at Harrison Brook USA, our mission is to help US citizens and US-connected citizens to make their cross-border investments simple.

How do we implement our investment philosophy?

We have a selection of portfolios matching our clients attitude to risk, personal values and preferences. Our solution is fully customisable based on the needs and requirements of our clients which could include ETFs, individual stocks and bank CDs.

What does it mean for you?

Our team, being expats themselves, understand exactly your specific financial needs. At Harrison Brook USA, we firmly believe in ensuring that every client understands the philosophy guiding their investments. Our collaborative approach means that we will work hand in hand with you to put together a plan with a full understanding of cost and value.

Investment FAQ

How do you invest?

We select a range of ETFs based on our clients requirements and needs. We then track this regularly and we arrange regular review meetings with our clients to ensure their personal circumstances have remained the same.

Where does Harrison Brook invest?

Harrison Brook USA can invest globally. We select diverse investments to ensure risk is mitigated.

Can I choose my own investments?

It is possible for you to choose your investment, and Harrison Brook USA would be providing the trade.

What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our clients have to say.


  • "I found my personal private client adviser Ryan Frost to be very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend his services to others."

  • "Prompt reliable and expert help when needed.Transparent disclosure of all the costs involved. Friendly and efficient service I would highly recommend."

  • "Sound advice in difficult times. Acceptable prices when compared with alternatives. Regular contact and updates in clear understandable form."

  • "I would definitely recommend Harrison Brook to other people. My experience in working with our financial advisor was extremely positive. Speed of response and the level of attention to our needs and requests was great. Administration support was flawless."

  • "Excellent customer service all the way through, professional, proactive, patient in answering all my questions, immediate answer to emails, great follow up and communication, deep legal knowledge and legal experience in the field, all of which helped in having my pension transferred in a faster amount of time than normal. I’ve rarely received such swift and excellent customer service before. The whole complex pension transfer experience could have been heavy and stressful, but instead it was the whole opposite."

  • "It's a nerve-wracking thing to entrust your life savings to a person and company you have never met before. Ryan made the process easy. It was calm, I felt in control and was able to asks and get answers to all the questions I had. I am now all set up with my International SIPP and couldn't be happier."

Harrison Brook has a 5 star independent service rating on Feefo

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